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Charles started producing at the age of 18 but was musically inclined since birth. Raised in the United Kingdom, but with roots from Sri Lanka, he has the rare gift of musically expressing himself in a global way. His music spans genres and languages, his interest in music was sparked at a young age when he took up the classical Indian form, Carnatic music, and learnt numerous Indian instruments including the Miruthangam, Veena and Tabla. As he became older, he extended his musical knowledge to include Western styles, learning to play the drums and keyboard. This has given him an edge which only few musicians have and led him to become a successful and sought-after composer and producer globally.

Most recently he has been capturing his fans with the refix videos with ‘refixes’ of popular Tamil
tracks like Kannodu Kanbathellam, Azhagana Ratchashiyae, Yaro Yarodi and the more recent Oo
Solriya, Charles is amassing several million views on Instagram’s Reels.

His refix videos have collectively reached over 35 Million views on Instagram with the sounds used
over 340,000 times by content creators globally.

His discography starts with him producing for African artists such as Tillaman, Stylo G, and breaking
into Kollywood where he worked with music director Vijay Antony, in ‘Chillax’ for Velayudham.
He has gone on to work with acclaimed composers like A. R Rahman and Anirudh Ravichander. He
has worked with Sony Music India to create originals for artists such as Arjun Kanungo.
Charles is extremely excited about his collaborations with artists both mainstream and independent,
he has worked with Andrea Jeremiah, Benny Dayal, Vidya Vox, and Arjun.

What is a refix?
Putting a new spin on an old track is refix, it’s different from remixing a song because the soul of the song is just enhanced with powerful beats in a refix.

“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a hip-hop beat on a soothing melody track.
Through the years I’ve created hundreds of original tracks but just interpreting old South-Indian film songs for me is both a privilege and a passion. I wanted to create a nostalgic vibe by ‘refixing’ some
of the old ’90s songs with my spin on them.
For now he will continue doing these refixes, but in other exciting news, Charles has also joined
Timbaland’s Beatclub to work on some mainstream music which is due to be released next year.